Hunters and admirers of sport shooting are frequent guests of Belarus. And they should be aware of the regulations on the import of civilian and service weapons, its main components and ammunition.

Weapons and ammunition are goods the import to the territory of the Customs Union (and, hence, Belarus) of which is limited. The document regulating the order of their transfer across the customs border applies to all those who imports such products for non-commercial purposes.


The import of weapons and ammunition to Belarus is possible after obtaining a license. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus issues such licenses. In addition, the import of weapons requires the permission of MIA and the Head Department of Internal Affairs of the Minsk City Executive Committee or regional DIA. The validity of the permission is 6 months from the date of the issuance of the document.

To obtain a license it is required to submit the following documents to the Ministry of Internal Affairs:

- filled out statement for the issue of the license;

- electronic copy of the statement in the format adopted by the Commission of the Customs Union. The copy should be created using the free software, developed by the Commission or using the exact analogue thereof;

- copy of the foreign trade contract, and in its absence — other document confirming the intentions of the parties;

- copy of the document on registration with the tax authorities;

- copy of the license to perform activities related to service and civilian weapons and ammunition, collecting and exhibiting of weapons and ammunition;

- other documents, if they are determined by the Commission.

If the statement on the issue of the license is drawn up for the import of several kinds, types and models of weapons, an appendix is attached to the statement. The license itself is issued after the applicant presents the document confirming the payment of the state duty.

The weapons shall be certified after import and the owner shall obtain a document on permissibility of influence on the human body of adverse factors of the weapons from the health authorities.

Within 15 working days from the date of filing the documents, the Ministry of Internal Affairs will either issue a license or refuse to issue the license. The grounds for refusal may be incomplete or inaccurate information in documents, violation of requirement provided by the licensing agreement, termination or suspension of the documents which are the basis for the issuance of a license, as well as violation of international obligations, which may occur as a result of the contract performance.

A decision on the refusal to grant a license shall be motivated and given to the applicant in written form. Therefore, the absence of a license is a ground for refusal of customs clearance of the weapons.


The license is not always required. Thus, if there is a permission to import weapons, acquired by individuals in a third country for personal use, license is not required. The same applies to the temporary import of weapons by individuals or sports organizations to take part in sport competitions and hunting.

Besides, license is not required for import of weapons by individuals entering for permanent residence in Belarus, as well as temporary import of weapons for participation in exhibitions. Finally, license is not required for articles structurally similar to weapons and weapons of cultural value which are not considered antique ones.


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