If you decide to head to Belarus with a big company, you can use the opportunity to apply for a visa to one of the diplomatic missions of Belarus abroad. Such visas are issued for all purposes of travel, except for travels for permanent residence and work.

The group visa can be issued for a single or two-time entry to Belarus for up to 30, as well as 90 days of stay subject to the following: 

-          the quantity of people in the group should be not less than 5 people;

-          documents for all members of the group (passport, visa form, photograph, visa support documents according to the visa type) are submitted at any one time in one package;

-          the package of documents should also include the list of the group with names, dates of birth, the number and expiration date of the passport, citizenship (in two copies).

Keep in mind: persons heading to/from Belarus with a group visa should cross the border and travel on the territory of the country only as a member of their group.

Groups of tourists, arriving to Belarus, are offered a wide range of excursions (around Minsk and Belarus) organized by the enterprise “Minsktrans”. Requests for group excursions (with an English-speaking guide) can be filed in the tourism department of “Minsktrans” by calling +375 17 328 51 20.  

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